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Farm Bureau Stands Against The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association – The NC Conference of District Attorneys – The NC Association of Chiefs of Police & the NC State Bureau of Investigation

The largest United States Farm Group supports Industrial Hemp.  Not only does the largest United States Farm Group support Industrial Hemp … but the FARM BUREAU released this statement in supporting to raise the Hemp Regulations! As a North Carolina Lawmaker .. Please Do Not Be BULLIED by these organizations .. THE LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLYING...
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NC S.B. 315 North Carolina Senators Vote On North Carolina Hemp Incarceration Plan

Monday January 13, 2020 North Carolina Senators will discuss NC S.B. 315.  North Carolina Senators will decide on the 2020 North Carolina Hemp Incarceration Plan for NC Farmers and NC Citizens. The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association, the NC Conference of District Attorneys, the NC Association of Chiefs of Police and the NC State Bureau of...
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USDA Hemp Production Program Released!

Hot off the press is the USDA Hemp Production Program!  This was just released this morning!  Read the full document here: https://www.ams.usda.gov/sites/default/files/media/AMS_SC_19_0042_IR.pdf Cannabis Attorney Rod Kight has began his analysis and has posted his Preliminary Analysis here: “USDA Draft Hemp Regulations Are Out“ https://cannabusiness.law/usda-draft-hemp-regulations-are-out/  
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29 NC GOP Lawmakers Vote Against Trump, Against DEA, Against The Supreme Court, Plan To Criminalize & Incarcerate Citizens For Hemp!

What a set back for the state of North Carolina that was once poised to lead the nation in the Hemp Marketplace!  Instead, the state of North Carolina will be the caboose of the Hemp Marketplace, if not the buried casket of the Hemp Marketplace! The state of North Carolina on Monday night had 29...
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Federal Case Law Number 1:19-cv-02659 Violation of Supremacy Clause Preemption Preliminary Injunction ALL LEGAL Grounds To Vote NO For 2019 NC Farm Bill On Monday!

Tomorrow is a Big Day for all North Carolina Citizens involved in Hemp Farming, Hemp Businesses and Hemp Citizens benefiting from Federally Legal, DEA Approved Supreme Court Case Clarified “SMOKABLE HEMP” North Carolina Lawmakers certainly are aware that “SMOKABLE HEMP” is LEGAL under the Federal 2018 Farm Bill, “SMOKABLE HEMP” is DEA Approved, “SMOKABLE HEMP”...
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North Carolina Lawmaker’s Hemp Incarceration Plan Exposed!

The Lawmakers in North Carolina have a plan to Incarcerate NC Hemp Farmers, NC Hemp Businesses and NC Hemp Users!  https://www.ncleg.gov/Sessions/2019/FiscalNotes/Senate/PDF/SIN0315v6.pdf Today NC Hemp Farmers, NC Businesses and NC Hemp Users are Citizens .. June 2020 they become CRIMINALS! SEE THE NORTH CAROLINA’S LAWMAKERS FULL PLAN TO INCARCERATE NC HEMP FARMERS, NC HEMP BUSINESSES AND...
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Bernie Sanders To Legalize Cannabis, Mexico To Legalize Cannabis, NC Bans Hemp, NC Lawmakers Out Of Touch!

Bernie Sanders plans to Legalize Cannabis for all Citizens of the USA! Bernie Sanders releases a plan to legalize marijuana nationwide, expunge certain marijuana convictions and invest in grants to boost communities disproportionately affected by current drug laws. The plan comes before the Friday start of a three-day criminal justice forum at historically black Benedict...
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NC Lawmakers Future At Stake If Vote To Ban Hemp, Hemp Farmers, Hemp Businesses & Hemp Users Turning Them Into Criminals!

Thank you for representing your district as you have.  Monday’s vote to pass the 2019 North Carolina Farm Bill that includes language to “BAN SMOKABLE HEMP” is in Direct Opposition To Federal Law of the 2018 Farm Bill, The Drug Enforcement Agency and The Supreme Court Judge Sarah Evan Barker’s decision to over turn Indiana’s...
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NC Lawmakers Brent Jackson & Jimmy Dixon District K-9’s Proving Them Wrong On Smokable Hemp Ban!

The citizens in North Carolina are still being tortured by the “Reefer Madness” mentality of the Angry Old White Man Politician!  Lawmakers in North Carolina are still playing the 1950’s Reefer Madness mentality card expecting citizens to believe their Non Sense! North Carolina Senator Brent Jackson, North Carolina Representative Jimmy Dixon and North Carolina Representative Larry...
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Sign Petition To STOP NC Ban on Smokeable Hemp!

Please read and follow through with the information below taken from Change.org – SIGN THE PETITION NOW! N.C’s smokable hemp ban is delayed until May 2020, yet could pass as law. The hemp industry supports many livelihoods of NC residents and has positive effects on the lives of consumers. Legislators are trying to classify natural Hemp...
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